The great thing about gifts is the act of giving. It makes you feel warm inside. But it shouldn’t make your wallet or purse too much lighter for the kind gesture. This is where Bella Gifts Christchurch principle of affordable luxury means that a great gift doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We have an eclectic, diverse and ever updating range of gifts in store to choose from, as well as our newly developed online gift store. The only thing you have to do is choose.


We have a wide range of ornamentals and art that will liven up your home or office. One off and designer pieces ensure something unique.


Bella Gifts holds an extensive range of glassware in stock, from tumblers and wine glasses to fruit bowls and display items.


Whether you are searching for a piece of ceramic art, novelty figure or a piece of locally made pottery, Bella Gifts Christchurch has it all.


There is nothing like a novelty gift to bring a smile to the face of the recipient. With a large range in stock, the only problem you will face is which one.